10 Ways to know if you are UNFCKWITABLE

10 Ways to know if you are UNFCKWITABLE

So how do you know you are unfuckwitable? I think it first starts with an understanding of what the word even means

  • A person who can not be bothered or pressed, an unstoppable, unbeatable force.
Being unfuckwitable means truly understanding that the greatest competition is you yourself and outside forces hold no bearing on success. Grasping the UNFUCKWITABLE mindset could shift your mood, interaction and movement through the world. Let's talk about how to get there!

1.) You practice self love

First and foremost, in order to be unbothered by the world & its shadows you have to be madly in love with yourself. This is a conscious understanding that you are worthy of love primarily from yourself. 
2) You are aware of your flaws
The craziest thing is when you are aware of yourself, like truly aware, the good the bad and the ugly, no one can use it against you. You have accepted where you fall short (and hopefully are working on it) but you are no one's footstool because you stand on your own shortcomings. Accepting your own flaws and growth areas really actualized the No weapon formed aaginst you..."

3.) You focus on what's in your control

In order to be truly unfuckwitable, you must have an understanding that people will be people, life will life and your only real power is how you choose to act/react. You take unwavering pride in understanding that your mind, body, and spirit are in your full control and nothing else. 

4.) You are not afraid to abandon your comfort zone

To a fearless person, a comfort zone can be the most uncomfortable place. Being or becoming an unstoppable force requires that you challenge yourself and experience unfamiliarities.
5.) You believe validation is for parking tickets
If you are truly seeking unfuckwitable status you have to become a master of saying FCK DEM FOLKS. Getting caught up on other people's opinions will revoke all chances of making it to the unbothered club. Any one that has reached true unfckwitability has overcome the enormous challenge of living truly for self and not others. Seeking others validation can be a constant rollercoaster. Just because they give it, doesn't mean they can't take it back so why bother with the inconsistency anyhow.

6.) You understand the past is the past 

What was it that Auntie Maxine said? You definitely have to reclaim your time. Understanding that everything that happened before was before. Accepting that you are present in the now and working towards the future ONLY are the truest steps to reaching unfuckwitbable status.

7.) You aren’t afraid of rattling a few cages

Every true unstoppable force has a little bad @ss in them. You don't exactly have to agree with the philosophy that rules are meant to be broken but you also hold steady in the fact that you can not be conformed. 

8.) You’re a game changer, not a piece on the game board

Taking initiative and being a leader are undoubtedly characteristed of a fierce unfckwitbable force. When people meet you they will understand your power and ability to shift the way things are. 
9.) You understand the invaluableness of truth & honesty
All  roads lead to the truth. Every unfckwitable person on the planet hasnt strayed from their truth. They also havent failed to scream it from rooftops. Leading with honesty/truth ( even if it's merely your own truth) will always allow you to be the biggest competitor for yourself and more importantly it is a phony repellent so you will be able to keep the snakes away on your journey to unfckwitableness.
10.) You are deeply connected to something outside yourself
Last but certainly not least. In order to be unfckwitable to the mortals, you must rely and trust in a higher source. No matter the name, knowing that you are truly unable to be fcked with because there is somethig greater that has your back will allow you to truly move as an unstoppable force.
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