5 Ways To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom (Part I)

5 Ways To Turn Up The Heat In The Bedroom (Part I)

Keeping things interesting in the bedroom can be tough, especially if you have been with your partner for a while. Love making can become as complicated and confusing as the initial birds and the bees conversation you had when you were a child. Trying to figure out where the zest went can be stressful and take an even further toll on the hanky panky. 

Fortunately, getting the spice back is not as complicated or impossible as it may seem. Just like with any other good recipe, you might need to switch up the ingredients to match your ever-changing tastebuds.  Here are some simple tips to get you & your mate cooking in the bedroom again.

Dress up 

Nothing is more beautiful than your mate dressed up in sexy attire, kind of like the way you met him/her. I equate it to the new car smell. Remember the first days of dating? How you took your time to prep for the dates? You would shower, moisturize, shave and tend to parts of your body you had quite frankly forgotten existed. Putting on your best smelling perfume and looking in your closet for the perfect outfit, the dress that accented your breast or hips, yes that one. Sis, you have to bring that same energy back! The energy and look that made you feel brand new. Once you occupy that space, he will have no choice but to make you there. Surprised and turned on, he will be sure to rise to the occasion.

Dirty Talk

If you are anything like me, you know about Wesley Pipes and for those of yu that don't he is one of the most well versed and articulate porn starts of the early 2000s. The verbiage that would come out of his mouth was enough to make you want to cover your own ears because you couldn't possibly be THIS grown, lol. Well to get things heated in the bedroom again, Sis, you might have to tap into that raw energy. That space where verbal truth lives. Say the things you never thought you would, out loud anyway. Dirty, nasty, or even filthy talk... there is something truly sexy about your mate saying things they normally wouldn't. Your mate is sure to be intrigued. However, remember to know your mate! It's important to know what spice level he/she likes. You don't want to be in there cooking with jalapenos and their tastebuds are more green pepper style! Dirty talk can occur inside or outside of the bedroom! Dirty talk can Imagine whispering to your mate in a public place or shooting a random text while he/she is at to work. The benefits can be explosive.

Role play

Seeing each other every day can sometimes be redundant. Knowing each other breathing patterns, sleep habits, bathroom habits however comforting it might make the heart feel it can be a direct water hose on the fire down below. The bedroom results a little fantasy can bring is almost imaginable! Try pretending to be in a bar & picking each other up. Use a little dirty talk, practice batting your eyes flashing your smile just like your favorite movie star does. For the bolder folks, try acting out your favorite fairytale. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? This can be so refreshing and peak curiosity to how the plot thickens on both sides. 


Switch Locations

There have been many references to "The bedroom" in this article but one of the biggest tips is that "the bedroom" can be ANYWHERE. It is important to switch things up a little, change the environment, change the energy, change the results. Try the shower, the car, the kitchen, the garage!

Use Toys & Accessories

Adult toys are such an amazing way to enhance bedroom tactics. Where some males may not be comfortable with using apparatuses that resemble manhood, there are many subtle toys and enhancements that can bring pleasure and exploration to both parties. I would say start small and non-threatening. Maybe add a small bullet vibrator, handcuffs or a blindfold. Introduction of new items, peeks curiosity and shifts the journey to getting the results.

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