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Insatiable Wives Club Membership

Insatiable Wives Club Membership

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Sis, does this world stress you out? Tired of the demands, tired of the unrealistic expectations, tired of tucking yourself in? Well, #fckdmefolks!!! Join our Sister Circle!

Insatiable Wives club is our woman's cave, the safest space to share our most authentic thoughts and feelings, judgement free! This circle is for respectfully sharing our stories, questions, and advice. You do not need to be a wife! Any woman that is interested in sharing common experiences respectfully is welcome. They say we are insatiable, unable to be pleased, but Sis are they really even trying?

Welcome to the Cirlce!


Monthly Membership $5.55

Please only purchase in the month that you are interested in attending to receive the link. Insatiable Wives Club Circle takes place on the first Tuesday of every month via zoom.

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